Tuesday, September 22, 2009

artist spotlight: [ konako ]

konako lives deep in the forests of canada. or at least i assume she does.a strong woodland connection, brilliant natural palettes and a blast of asian mysticism place her firmly in her own enchanted meadow. consider it hidden because so few beautiful critters have escaped. if you are one of the lucky few who owns one, consider following your little critter some night to discover the secret location. you know foxes are fond of midnight rendezvous.

hidden bunny monster burp
this one smells like caramel corn.

mr. miles "tails" prower has grown up to be quite the gentleman.

one-eyed blix
deceptively simple. with unmatched thieving skills.

gut bunnies still like to snuggle with regular bunnies.

9th level roark
ice fucking cold.

madl shisa
mad stoned on this magic green smoke.

bunny mushroom awesome overload.

even raccoons need sweet back tats.
love that it bleeds around to the front.

obesity magnate colonel sanders
suffered from the extremely rare bunnemia.

gorgeous inspiring work. can't wait to see what's next to escape.
let's all give her a round of applause.

you can send konako messages by sparrow here and here.

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