Tuesday, September 1, 2009

is that neon in your eye?

the fantastical photographs of zincsaucier442

i'm particularly floored by the stark contrasts and
the delightfully non-cheesy things he does with a black light.

secretbase x usugrow rebel ink
you'd shit at the horrors under my bandanna.

ate a bass boat this morning. ever since, i've had this lovely sparkle.

t9g x tim biskup rangeas
been out drinkin liquid metal.

watching the children boil...

t9g x tim biskup rangeas
watch out ladies, these tips are freshly frosted.

rumble monsters x lash bop dragon
i'm thinking of a number between 1 and 10.

wrong, it was 9. now i eat you.

t9g x tim biskup rangeas
off to audition for where the wild things are.

kaijin musyubel x 2
tweedle dee and tweedle awesomer.

sworn to silence

the calm before the storm...

coarsetoys paw [blackout : pain : rainbow]
caught red, gold and rainbow-handed

sad because he's out of muscle milk.

secretbase x usugrow salvation ink
these wings will never burn out.

beautiful work sir.
get his latest on twitter.

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