Friday, September 4, 2009

bucket of fish heads.

in honor of toy karma 2 opening this weekend at rotofugi, i'm showcasing all the custom muscamoot smelliness you can handle. for anyone who doesn't already know, toy karma is an art exhibit curated by mark nagata all inspired by classic japanese toys. six different muskys will be on display, and some are still available if you hurry. so all you chicago-inos, now you know what to do with your weekend.

battlecat/cringer by steve seeley
brilliant. but needs more armored saddle.

koi by leecifer
koi's got a thing for battlecat... checking out the undercarriage.

panic is acceptable when your bruise grows lips.

spawningfrenzy by paulkaiju
been spawning with a cheap louis v bag...

looks like something i puked up at a carnival when i was 7. a good way.

gasparilla by chris ryniak
jackpot: pink gills. eye stalks. juicy claws.
dinner is served.

you should probably put a coaster under that...

not part of the show, but too good to pass up.
meat grinder in a green whale head.
piranhas ain't got shit.

albino by nebulon5
this is what vampires look like when they're born.
right before they're eaten by werewolves.

toy karma opens at 7pm on saturday.

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