Monday, August 31, 2009

artist spotlight: [ leecifer ]

leecifer must be a robot, or an insomniac. or maybe just has a basement full of chimps with paintbrushes. the amount of quality work this man produces is seriously impressive. known for his scratchy colorful characters, he adds an impressive amount of depth to even the largest desolate plain of vinyl.

none of his pieces ever feel like a pattern plastered over the next face in line. they are all quite comfortable in their second skin. many transcending their original lot in life to join the ranks of figures with a story to tell, or at least a badass paint job.

i got one magic brew left. let's get down to business.

just a dirty musky koi from the bottom of the lake.
i dub thee, gilly.

the rebel secret base has skull bee yoda for protection.
not as cuddly am i, eh?
[must be done in yoda voice]

for the super7 anniversary lucky bags, leec whipped out
a killer series of galactic mummy boys. i love the gilded nubs.

boba the destroyer
yar. he blasted off me blaster hand.

community outreach trooper with child friendly helmet.
got a couple of right guard power crystals in your pit bud.

darth mauled.
auditioning for broadway.

it's disneyland wookie drew.
who doesn't want a little bacca puppy?

c-3po's golden years...
...when he starts hanging out with bender and pounding brewskis.

just a little red skull dokuwashi.
arbeit macht eine bitchin paint job.

oompa blasted sunguts caveman.
so that's what they grow up to be.
wonka ran a child labor sweat shop.

salari ika loungin'
"come fly with me, and watch me eat your brain..."

born under a good sign...
for kickin ass.

gosho's been franken berried.
strawberry steampunk is delicious.

poppa squirm was who really ate the smurfs.
i smurfing smurfed the smurf outta that smurf.

dcto with severe frostbite.
giving the soul-freezing doe eyes.

sabertooth snow dunny is always welcome in the land of frost.
although that tartar is nothing to laugh about.

super superheroes.
here to save your ass and terrify your children.

chorus line.
charlie brown and the great pumpkin finally found their calling.

i never realized that nearly every one of leecifer's customs is looking up. really, look for yourself. except for the albino snow dunny...
he stares right into your frigid heart.

keep bringing it lee, it's nice to have a man with a plan in the game.
if you want to get your hands on one of his little treasures, tell him.
and if you want to see all of his other work, go here.

all pics from the man himself.

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