Tuesday, July 21, 2009

the cosmonauts are coming...

down in melbourne there is a man. that man's name is jeremy geddes, and he makes paintings. but not really. they're much more than that. this is the world on the other side of the looking glass. the world that we see when we sleep and never quite comes into focus. the world that mr. geddes sees much clearer than you or i.

this is heat death. i own it. and by own it, i really mean a print. but i like to think that i owned it the instant i first saw it. because it moved me. it tickled something in the back of my brain that hadn't been touched before. not while i was awake anyways.

falling from grace.

this is where the story really takes flight.
there is another man. another australian for that matter. another man that creates paintings. but not really. he's another man that sees a world that the rest of us pushed out of our brains years ago. replaced with grocery lists and elaborate "fuck you" notes to our bosses. that man's name is ashley wood.

i'm not even going to begin to get into what ash has already done with his toy company 3A... that's for another day.

today is for the cosmonauts.
graceful in their swan dive towards death, and yet frozen in a way
that they might fall forever.

jeremy's series of paintings are being brought to life by ash and 3A.

this is all we have for now.
but it's enough.

jem has been teasing us with box art and preliminary glimpses of what we will soon hold in our hands. these are "rough" for him anyways.
his blog holds all the others.

in my internet walkabout, i stumbled across these amazing images of an exhibit at the national air and space museum. celebrating the 40th anniversary of the moon landing. naturally, the first thing i thought of was the geddes cosmonauts. surreal and possessing a feeling so foreign, in a way that things from the past don't normally evoke.

jem is intentionally vague in describing the narrative of his paintings. that being said, i really enjoy the potentially unintentional juxtaposition of a cosmonaut and an astronaut. this exhibit gives us stoic reminders of man's first steps on the moon. while jem gives us cosmonauts falling from the skies, forever grounded to the earth. suspended in, and by their own failure.

jules verne... is that you?

corpses in the mirror.

climb in...

it's only taking you to the fucking moon.

all exhibit images from io9

no date has been set for the release of the 3A cosmonaut,
but know that i will be first in line.
if you've now taken an interest in jeremy's work. read this fantastic interview done by australian edge. he gets a little deeper into his process.

and i will cover ash and 3A sometime soon. promise.

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