Friday, August 7, 2009

artist spotlight: [ brent nolasco ]

brent nolasco is a madman. mad with color, mad with skill, mad with awesomeness. to enter his world you must first put on the x-ray specs, dump a packet of sweet tarts in your mouth, walk through the looking glass and then stumble down through hell. it's a crazy ride,
but worth every second. no piece of vinyl is safe near him.
they all eventually turn to the dark side.

brent also paints flat things, but that's not why we're here today.
we're here because i love his realistic bone color and texture contrasted with the nuclear fallout of the rest of the spectrum. we're here because of his ability to take a strong character and make it completely and undoubtedly his.

erick scarecrow created liberty, and then brent lit it on fire.
when a scavenger grows up...

...and raise hellfinch as pets.

a dear companion is carved for dinner.
meat wings are tastier than riblets.

twin sisters of fatima.
one with a seal meat helmet.

and one who works for exxon drinking oil.

depp+burton+nolasco=madL recluse
snip snip. he's available for your next bris...

brothers in insanity, and two of the best bennys ever.
the warrior with a hungry brain.

and the voodoo priest with the magic molar.
oral fixations run in the family.

hazel used to be such a sweet girl.
until she started listening to manson and experimenting with extreme body gnawing.

sancho grins his way into your hallucinations.
all ostrich should come with chest teeth.

the troop who carried the battle on his helmet.
complete with purple mushroom monocle. sounds like a bad innuendo.

cap'n rot'n claw to the rescue.
he'd like to rescue you into the safety of his scrote mouth.

kaniza were the first to domesticate labbits
wasabi-dipped batwings are going on the menu.

if you aren't already neck-deep in this new world. swallow the red pill and hop on the boat. you don't want to miss where it goes next. but don't forget to pay the reaper, mr. nolasco is clearly not afraid of taking limbs as payment.

thanks brent for shining a little dark light on your imagination. it's inspiring stuff.

all the pics are courtesy of brent and spankystokes.

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