Thursday, August 20, 2009

stark in der Kraft ist er.

[file this under: things i wish were mine]

badass class picture: zuckuss, 4lom, bossk, dengar, ig-88, boba fett
regulatooorrrrrss. mount up.

complete with scalps from tiny wookie mice.

where's my colt 45?

you don't get scars like that raising kittens.

the baddest mess kit in the galaxy.

a gutted tauntaun and the threesome will be complete.

real men wear furry parkas.


a well-done dunny is a rare occurrence. straight out of berlin, blubbel has managed to kill it each and every time he touches one. going with star wars probably didn't hurt either. you know i'm a sucker for all things force related. my christmas tree has even been conquered by a small army of my old vintage figures. although about 40 of these guys would be 1000 times better.

i just can't get over the brilliance of the king ken wampa.
killer. killer. killer. keep on rocking herr blubbel.

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