Thursday, August 13, 2009

and now i want frosted flakes...

file this under: things i wish were mine
so damn awesome. released a few years ago, but no less fresh today.

from pata
don't fuck with the man in the tiger suit.

from pata
especially if he's been watching the ring. long as his head doesn't swivel 360, we'll be cool.

from pata
emo tiger is listening to depeche mode.

anybody up for a round of bloody knuckles? no? anybody?

for a tiger, those are some bitch-ass teeth.
...hope you like pudding, tiger.

lining up for a birdie putt.

no teeth AND no claws?
do you work for siegfried or roy?

from pstarr
now THAT is a fucking tiger.

despite his lack of deadly weapons and the fact that the boy inside the tiger is possessed by at least three kinds of demons... i still really want one. tiger baby, one day you will be a man.

from hello-d
working the floor at the mime convention.

i couldn't talk about sam without also tossing out some of the amazing customs that have been made from his main lady. fatima.

from betso
long dresses are great for hiding extreme cankle cases.

from betso
is she on his head? or is he in her butt?
what say you mr. betso?

from the motor
motorbot brings the pain with the iron maiden.

from kathie
kathie olivas can always make the creepy, creepier.

from kathie
this white rabbit would've eaten alice.

and last but not least on this illogical journey is the newest addition to the flores family...

dragon's with no eyelids always win staring contests.

love the double knuckle action.
dboy pics from montreal vinyl

dragonboy was already up for preorder, but has yet to see the light of day. there is also a purple colorway, with plenty more to follow i'm sure. keep checking upper playground for any updates.

now back to the tiger hunt.

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