Thursday, August 20, 2009

i dabbled in pacifism once............................... not in nam of course.

[file this under: things i wish were mine]

the ultraviolence big army man!
a proper 18" tall!
with interchangeable hands!
gun! chicken! grenade!
in a shitload of colors!

bronze from rotofugi
18"!? i didn't know they stacked shit that high...

black from lulubell
made from the crushed souls of plastic cowboys and indians.

classic green from 3d retro
rubber/plastic chickens kill 'em with laughter.

commie red from 3d retro
looks more like pinko than red to me.

gold from juxtapoz
after he takes out oscar, he's got a date with emmy.

white from dragatomi
i'll surrender as soon as you swallow this grenade.

blue for kozik subbers only... or not.
really digging the stumpy handless pose.

so simple and brilliant, i can't believe it's taken this long to get our grubby little hands on a giant army man. he'd look smashing in a three man formation of all green, or two blacks and a gold...
thanks frank. you are the man.

a full rainbow army of army men would also look nice protecting an army of kozik busts.
mao like burger.

you such a ho.

i came here to grow staches and to kill.
i've already got a stache...

the dreaded pink symphony.

bust images from m.bibelot and agitprop

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