Friday, August 28, 2009

by the power of greyskull.

i was a he-man kid. i was also a star wars kid, a lego kid, a baseball card kid... you get the picture. but for a few short summers it was all he-man all the time. in between popsicles my neighbors and i would wage epic battles in the dirt, building caverns and pits. then birthdays came and they got greyskull. and i was jealous. but shortly after, my parents redeemed themselves and bought me skeletor's castle: snake mountain. you know, the purple greyskull with the sweet microphone that made it sound like you were a possessed slinky. after that, our dirt building escapades were elevated to moats and dungeons... way fucking cooler.

so with that long ass intro, we get to the real meat. apparently other kids liked he-man too... as evidenced by these sweet customs in all the flavors of eternia.

the pageboy haircut is the real source of all his power.

battlecat by legendary customs
...just a cowardly tiger who stole hawkman's mask.

does crest make whitestrips for your face?
also, needs more havoc staff.

blue feather diaper and all...

somehow tougher with a birthday hat than his purple football helmet...

who knew he was rocking a mohawk under his little hood?

gotta rub a little stank on it.

put your hands together for my childhood toys grown into my adulthood toys. i fully expect someone to pump out a queen marlena in astronaut gear sometime soon... or at least an orko.

i gotta go dig through my parents basement now...

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