Tuesday, August 25, 2009

artist spotlight: [ jon paul kaiser ]

some say he drifted ashore from the black freighter...
some say he's part squid...
some say he uses experimental nano robots to sharpen up his lines...
i say he's come to us from the second dimension to remind us why
we have three.

jonpaulkaiser is master of his inky domain. the great light absorber and the great light reflector are his weapons against nothingness.
razor sharp and visually gripping, his customs are as immediately attention-snapping as a legion of stormtroopers marching into town.

a monster burp with emphasis on monster
that's the smell of paint melting off the walls.

even more frightening post-burp.

a cuddly boba? impossibly possible.

das mo gimo
samuraaaiiiiii pepper grinder!

yar. has anybody got an extra nipple?

gratuitous monkey. gratuitous monkey. gratuitous monkey.

the spawn of the beast.

the virus is spreading.

ganesh crush car.

look at those abs! p90x?

wait. is that a color?
no possible way.

and the ringers...
a no bullshit sumo. and a badass rasputin.
so hardcore.

very few artists can put that much emotion into a static face,
but jon paul seems to do it every time. a little gritty, a little crisp, it's immediately apparent who's work you're looking at. there is no mistaking his style. well done sir. you've got it.

for updates: follow him : read him : watch him

all pics from jpk except sumo/rasputin. that's from gmiddleswarth.
better keep close eyes on that one... someone might snake it off your desk. ha.

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