Wednesday, August 19, 2009

she's a ringer at kickball.

[file this under: things i wish were mine]

we'll come back to mr. choe in a minute.

how rad is this three-legged, four-faced wooden beauty?
she follows the release of two other sexy choegals.
the kids call her kickstand.

V wombat V.............................................V og V
nice boxes ladies.

man-e-face's evil sister and girlfriend.
[that's two he-man references in two days for anyone keeping track]

caught pink-handed.

suspenders and demon teeth really need to make a comeback.

this is not the first time david's produced a three-legged lady.
the siamese twins from the get small series by fifty 24sf
rocking the chili peppers tube sock.

now that you are completely infatuated with all things choe, i'll push you off the cliff. i can't even begin to touch on all the different things that david does, and does incredibly well. but here is a small sample to chew on while you fall deeper.

this is a bowl. although you'd be stupid to put anything in it.
imagine that cleft palate staring up from
the bottom of your spaghetti-os... delicious.

i would pay lots of money to be able to "see" spoken words.
especially whatever awesome ass ripping this guy's doing.

the neverending story wolf pressed between glass.
doesn't look like nothing anymore.

crayon cannibals are my favorite cannibals.

criss angel should be taking notes. THAT is a mindfreak.

gratuitous monkey.

david choe... you rock. so empty your piggy banks little ones, because you know you can't resist a wooden three-legged lady, or a wooden two-legged three-faced lady, OR a wooden two-legged three-faced lady that thinks suspenders count as a shirt.

follow all of david's escapades here. and hear a little snippet of his brain leakings here.

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