Wednesday, August 5, 2009

don't answer the door.

it might be uncle six-eyes...

a new figure in progress from the delightfully demented mind of travis louie. brought to life by bigshot toyworks and sculpted by scott wetterschneider. [who are just killing it right now] more nightmare fuel to keep this creepy party raging. luckily this uninvited house guest is only about 10" tall. life-size might just put a few people away. i'm really curious to see how they address the paint on this one, since the atmosphere of louie's paintings is what really takes them to the next level.

knock knock. would you like some candy?

we all know our toys come to life while we sleep.
you better count your toes in the morning if this guy is on your shelf.

louie's painting of the real uncle six-eyes...

can you even imagine the complicated glasses?

it seems six-eyes has a brother.

carved from butter. delicious.

i can't talk about louie's new minion without showing you why he's so awesome in the first place. i present just a few of the freak show. prisoned behind glass, their eyes still pierce your soul. you can be happy you didn't live 120 years ago, or you'd have been fighting this lot off with pitchforks and torches.

shrek's mother.

anne of green gables sanatorium.

give olaf a kiss.

i love that her head isn't centered on her body. sexy though.

humanzee butler

i love the glassy eyes. i love the deformities. i love the way he paints hair. never has antique store photography been scarier, or more awesome. keep scaring the children travis. you're brilliant at it.

there's no solid word on price, release date or colors. all in good time.
until then, check out travis's site to see the rest of the neighborhood.

proto images from bigshot. all painting images from travis.

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