Thursday, April 1, 2010

hiding in your bushes.

for anyone not in san francisco, you're probably safe. but not for long. the lurkers are escaping this weekend at wondercon. 20 of these lanky dudes will come to life at the hands of skinner and the brothers washburn [color ink book]. then no bedroom window will be safe. the scrawny sasquatch will be marking his territory liberally. so if you're drifting off to sleep and smell the tang of musk in the air...

and if you don't know skinner, you don't rock quite as hard as i thought you did.
go look now. i'll wait.
so... are your eyes bleeding? in a good way? ok cool. now you're ready. carry on.

someone stole my skinny jeans!
and i didn't shave my fucking legs!

look... no flakes.
i use head & shoulders & chest & legs & back & feet & taint.

3D stabbing!

studio porn.

nothing snarky to say when it's awesome.

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