Monday, April 19, 2010

the mother lode.

holy balsagna. there's a storm brewing in beijing and it's looking to do some damage. 3A is slowly releasing info about their next art event on june 25th... it's going to be like christmas in july... um, in june.

toys! art! some sort of live music! probably beer! i'm supremely sad that i won't be able to partake in all the legendary festivities. tickets to china tend to not be cheap. but i can live vicariously through the rest of the legion. that's healthy right? at least financially.

i think she's ready...

there will be work from these 5 badasses and badassette.
[jem's will be in the form of prints, not ogs]
[these are just examples. we don't know yet what they'll show in beijing]
[kenny wong copperhead image courtesy of Nykhö]

[understatement of the year]
all of the below will be available in some quantities.
click to enlarge.
[photoshop compilation by me]

but wait, there's more...

remember when i dropped the megaton bomb about 1:1 squares?
which by the way will be making their debut at this show.
this is better.

a 12 foot tall metal large martin [nearly 1:1]
weighing in at 1900 pounds of fuck you.
...head explodes.

/rechecks prices of tickets to beijing...
head explodes again.

i am just in awe. i'm also filling with a combination of sadness and jealousy. i think it's called whyohwhycan'tigetmydumbasstobeijing. amazing artists, amazing toys and a small army of life size robots will be dancing through my head for the next two months. if you are cool enough to make the trek, make sure you check in here to talk to all the other cool people in the cool club. i'll be sitting here anxiously waiting for pictures.

and as always, the best place for more news about this mecca of awesome is the blog or gimby's news.

images for the toy release compilation were blatantly stolen from:
expathos, dedguy, dedguy and dedguy one more time. and also 3A.

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