Saturday, January 2, 2010

a deadly throne.

before i get to the good stuff, i have an announcement. it's other good stuff. i got married on new year's eve and will therefore be going on an amazing honeymoon on monday. that means you [all 7 of you] don't get any new content till i get back. so don't delete my bookmark, i haven't died. i will return and i've already got a pile of awesome shit to show you. stay tuned.

i'm a fuckin robot y'all!

he's coming.
the 1:1 square, not the random kid in protective gear. ash has said it himself. and so it will be. scheduled to drop at the next "3A art event", which is still a mystery in itself. my theory is that it will have something to do with the jerry bruckheimer produced film of the WWR universe.

only 20 of the deadly little bastards will be made, presumably in fiberglass. although presuming means fuck all when we're talking about 3A. they're likely to make it out of compressed peanut butter just to show everyone else it can be done. ready to hold your cold beer during the game or just chase your kid around the living room, the square will stand about 24" enormous. ash has also said that each one will be different. of course they will. as much as i'd love to have one of these friendly/deceptive machines, i'm sure they will be instantly snapped up by luckier men than me. i'm sure we'll get more info before they get deployed in the summer.

picture of the square by coab. picture of the random kid by i, rodius. photoshop by me.

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