Monday, April 12, 2010

the space between.

right now there is a portal, cut by a subtle knife, between two worlds. two worlds which are not ours, but instead are sandwiched between. the portal is here at gallery 1988. they only have the technology to hold the connection for another week or two, so you have to hurry if you want a glimpse. in one world lives the supercouple, kathie olivas and brandt peters. and in the other world... magic. they must have a private portal in their basement or something, because they both continue to kidnap incredible creatures from the other side.

there were a few new faces debuting at the show. all of which are pretty amazing. lizzie and junior standing 25.5" high. a few elizabeths at a massive 36". and a bunch of customs of brandts latest the skelve.

all creepy little girls need tentacled friends.
and rubber ink-resistant bear hats.

my what big craniums you have.

three inches is a very good height indeed!

some cuckoos eat souls. like maybe this one.

they don't need arms to gnaw your bones.

you can run, but there is definitely nowhere to hide.

there is such a thing as too much fiber in your diet...

i'm floored by how much work was in this show. you guys are amazing and the work looks incredible. there are still some pieces available if you look here. don't snooze, they're disappearing fast.

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