Tuesday, April 6, 2010

carnival demons.

flashing lights, ill-fitting clothing, the smell of corndogs and vomit... it's carnival time. don't let the sweat and slim jim stained shirt fool you... the ride operator is a completely trustworthy individual. he's actually a mechanical engineer student, and he definitely triple checked all the bolts on the death-a-twirl.

as much fun as sugar rushes and picking broken glass out of your children's feet can be, it can't last forever. the dream-bringers have to pack up their wares and spread their love to the next deprived town. and when they leave, some things are bound to be left behind. (besides syphilis) this little guy is one of them...

fevers and translucent dreams by brent nolasco. another trippy kaleidoscope of fear. composed of bits of 4 different vinyl and resin pieces, a few found objects and 68 tabs of acid. i can't get over how crazy and amazing this thing is. i love it.

all your face are belong to us... or something.

do a little twirl on the catwalk...
...put the cat skeleton down. that's not what...ew
bits are falling off, seriously. you're getting corpse juice everywhere.

we got some soda, purple stuff... hey look! sunny d.
ah shit, i think it's demon saliva again.

this sweet little turd is also part of the 5 eyed dragon show at dragatomi i mentioned yesterday. seriously you need to get there... look at this stuff.

all images were blatantly stolen from toysrevil. thank you.

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