Wednesday, April 21, 2010

peel back the curtain.

you cruise by in your pink go-cart every day. completely oblivious to the wormhole that lives behind the industrial facade. all it takes is one curious soul to find the zipper pull and whoosh. nothingness.

this mega munny is perfection. painted by adam haynes as a fundraiser for gallatin valley skatepark. it's up for auction right now with a pile of other munnys. this one takes the cake though. incredible detail, rough neglected subject matter and a nice overall balance to the image vs. the figure. you rock adam. and i want this.

if you burp hard enough, you could rip your face. just saying.

middle school chicks dig the go-cart.
too bad he's not a middle school dude.

all those ripe lines and not one shittin pigeon...
something isn't right here.

you can make this yours. the bid is currently floating at $810.
you've got until friday. snatch it.
i was tipped off to this killer piece by spankystokes.

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