Thursday, April 15, 2010

stop. hammer time.

the crown jewel of nikejerk's recent show: a single mega hammer brother. mega indeed. hammer bros were the original punk ass kids if you didn't know... seriously, hammers? hammers fucking hurt. hammer bros were also my favorite baddie from the mario worlds. and so i find it appropriate that he is the most kick ass piece from chomping at the bit. he was also sold at the show, which makes me happy. he deserves a good home and a backpack full of hammers and maybe a fat man to throw the hammers at.

why wouldn't mario just chuck a plumber's wrench in retaliation?
plumber's wrenches are huge... split that shell like a ripe melon.

jared was kind enough to share some of his process
in creating such a crazy beast. it's worth your four minutes, promise.

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  1. Thanks for posting this Jesse. You rock!



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