Thursday, April 8, 2010

rothchild has begun.

even war bot barons have to start somewhere, and i'm guessing that somewhere
is a garage. rustedhalo has created a 1:1 bramble from cardboard. this is man-sized people! UD018 stands on his own and has pretty slick mobility for something that used to hold wrapping paper. what an awesome undertaking. weapons are still to come. i'm in awe. amazing work, especially with those hands... incredible.
you deserve a medal.

[stand is just for safety]
is bramble gonna have to choke a bitch?

what restraint...
everyone else that poses articulated hands
immediately goes for the middle finger.
...classy choice with the "taint tickle"

even ponda baba's robot arm got chippity chopped.

please tell me there's giant pringles under there...


  1. dude! that is so cool! you should post this on the forum! haha! i was suprised they manage to articulate the fingers! and out of cardboard?? that is insane! O__O

  2. yeah, i would've ended up with an x-acto imbedded in my palm if i tried this. his craftsmanship is tops.

  3. that's not to say I haven't cut myself with the x-acto before. thanks for the review. the fingers gave me the most trouble and I broke a couple in the process. the Pringles joke is funny cause the cardboard I used inside the body for support was from a Pringles store display. again, thanks for the nice write up. :)



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