Monday, April 26, 2010

whale watching.

munko is breeding. the david choe creation is fast evolving and coming fast. he'll be premiering at sdcc courtesy of good smile japan. blind boxed presumably in at least 5 flavors; all of which look delicious. don't know any other specifics yet or if they'll be for sale there, but it couldn't hurt to pack a few extra bucks in your pocket just in case. i can't wait to see these in person. pretty sure i can't resist a cartoon whale skeleton.

sketches courtesy of juxtapoz.
i've named them:
skinny, tit-nubs, lobotomy and robot-butt.
i'm a class 3 namer.

couple preview shots from the nothing to declare show on daily dujour.
blowhole deep in krill and kirin.

he was still hungry...
the legs had to go.

a munko of the 06 vintage. from the frice show at anno domini.
lost in his own personal american apparel shoot...

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