Monday, April 5, 2010

throw out the sixer, let's get a keg.

before the jersey shore. before ultimate fighting. before jerry springer. there was drunken brawling of the harbor kind. and popeye was god. only in the 80s would it be acceptable for a children's icon to be a drunk toothless sailor who gets in bar fights. [ but he eats his vegetables! ] i always thought popeye was awesome because of his transformative powers. i really believed you could squeeze a can of spinach hard enough for all of it to fly up in the air so you could swallow it in one bite. i also believed your forearms could quintuple in size from catching said spinach. but to my credit, the easter bunny and god were still both totally legit at the time as well.

southerndrawl has completely killed it with his latest da minci custom popeye. i love that we get to see him after he's packed it in. he picked up some beers and some new tattoos and now he's going to fester. so cool.

i yam what i yam an thas all that i...
...i just shat in me shoe.

he owns one wifebeater made of sailcloth and 35 corncob pipes.

to do:
finish this tasty brew.
go visit swee'pea in juvy.

if you live in or around sacramento, you can go visit popeye in person starting next saturday at 7. he'll be a part of the 5 eyed dragon show at dragatomi. work from drilone, leecifer, brent nolasco and betso will also be there, so it should be good.

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