Friday, June 18, 2010

don't eat things you find in the forest.

what the hell are you doing here reading this? do you realize that there are world cup games on? you do? alright cool, 2 minutes here and then you go watch, deal?

got a glimpse of an in progress figure from paul kaiju. (working in collab with monstrehero cliff) some wicked little woodland monsters. boxer fungus and three creepy trees. they're looking pretty slick in their naked form. can't wait to see them taken to the psychedelic level with one of paul's colorful paintjobs.

this is what mario really looks like on shrooms.
give this man a wrench and watch him smash turtles...

aww, he named one after me.

the overload looking dude is pollen kaiser.
needs more spikes on that helmet.

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