Friday, May 21, 2010

the master blaster.

despite the wwrp line being out for a while now, we've not seen a crazy amount of customs. i suppose that's a credit to the incredible paint apps straight from the hatchery. people aren't too anxious to mess with perfection. then there are the brave, like crestone. who outfitted this bertie with some insane upgrades. one thing bertie will never be criticized for is lack of firepower. but that doesn't mean you can't have more of a great thing...

lucky bastard and little shit [great names by the way]
...the ladies call me thor.

i'm guessing little shit doesn't do a lot of typical square disarming.
seems more like the "grinding ash into your open wounds" type...

say hello to my little friend... and my other little friend.
and also my big friend.

crestone has also got this guy in the works... damn.
i believe the word i'm looking for is godlike.

a better look at the unpainted duo.
i'm also pretty sure i don't have to tell you to not make fun of the little legs...

the construction and intricacy of these is damned impressive. you'd think he had a tiny cnc machine sitting on his workbench. you will be watched closely sir. this is the kind of work that tends to get you noticed.

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