Friday, July 16, 2010

don't swallow your gum.

chomp chomp chew squish smush push blow pop chomp chomp chomp spit
...and one more of the uber rare bubblegum muscamoots gets released into the wild. albino eyes and a very scrotum-like dewlap highlight this fine specimen created by kist. just keep him out of the collagen, or he'll be cramming it in his lips faster than a chipmunk on chex mix. i love the direction this chewy little bastard took. he's a proper new addition to the order of muscamoot.

this is what baseball card gum always tasted like.
raw stringy greasy amphibian meat.

his gills are evolved to breathe in bile.
so don't swallow your gum.
or he'll be kicking you a new ulcer for the next 10 years.

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