Tuesday, May 25, 2010

to play or not to play.

there are two types of collectors. two groups of people, separated by an ocean of ideals. one that few ever have the strength or the care to cross. those who play with their toys, and those who don't. there are warriors among both sides determined to sway their disillusioned brothers. "surely you can't be thinking of opening that vinyl-caped jawa. it's moc!" vs. "what good is an ewok village if you can't bash shit with the wrecking boulder?" this is exactly the reason for a lot of brother on brother violence.

i'm not here to judge... actually that's bullshit. i'm completely here to judge.
my line is drawn in the sand; the card sharks are wrong. toys fucking rule, and
not because they look nice on a pegboard. some of the greatest moments of my childhood involved a pile of g.i. joes and a mound of dirt. i could spend hours building forts with booby traps and hidden defenses. because the joy is in the story, not in how sharp the corners of the box are.

these faded shots are pure happiness.
look at the dedication... the jabba playset has evil dungeon lighting.
this is likely a seven-year-old. worried about atmospheric lighting...
you think the kid staring at a pristine cardboard box thinks about that shit?

look at all these awesome toys that you aren't allowed to touch.

now look at these...
tell me they don't get you excited to go bust out some action figures.
...this is how the creators start creating.
do you think george lucas kept his toys in the box?

this is all relevant, promise. there's a big decision fast approaching and some of you will get smacked in the face by it. nom de plume is soon to invade the wwrp world... and he comes in a insane blister pack. retrolicious and impossible to open without some cardboard casualty. so what do you do? if you have to think about it don't answer. you're just wrong. rip that fucker open the second he lands on your doorstep.


and just because i'm advocating unleashing this beast from his plastic prison, doesn't mean that i can't also be completely enthralled with the packaging.
look at it. simply perfect.

smell the retro love.
smells like christmas morning all over again.

1/12 scale means the mini de plumes are 6" tall...
do you realize how big that blister card is?
are you sure? look again.
...it's fucking gigantic.

pinky here is just a test dummy. just the most badass test dummy ever. and if for some reason you thought star wars figures were also 1/12 scale... this is what a hardcore stormie looks like next to noir.

so if you're lucky enough to have wwrp plumage headed your way, you know what to do. don't be a pussy. give the little dude some air.

pic of the badass jabba setup from zebra3x
pic of the the lucky little girl from aimeedars
pic of the x-wing from muteboy
pics of the mint in box collection from diefladercolb
pics of outdoor setups from originalpozer
pics of wwrp de plumes from the 3A production blog

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