Thursday, July 29, 2010

samuraaaaaai deli is now open.

friend of frank mysterio: yoste just kicked the shit out of a muttpop tequila. and when the dust settled and the training was complete, he was left with a fire-breathing devil-horned prison-physiqued madman. wicked tattoos that walk the line between yakuza and red dragon, with eerily realistic skin tones for ink that has been slowing spreading through years of abuse. impeccably detailed armor and sword really put this in the elite. i'm just amazed at how perfect it all is.

workin on his sumo stance.
...or maybe dropping a deuce in his hakamas.

dragon for protection, lotus for rebirth and koi for lunch.

for some reason i'm craving spaghettios.

oh, and he's available for sale.

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