Monday, June 21, 2010

roll call.

2010 3AA pack WWRp nom de plume and the dirty deeds 12

noir de plume was the leader of the dirty deeds crew...
so maybe this was taken on the day that nom joined up?
more likely it's just laundry day.

let's all thank mr. cris rose for the incredible picture.

edit: check the comments for nom schooling


  1. Aaaaaactually, Nom De Plume is the original guise he was in when he discovered the Dirty Deeds Berties on Mars. When was next seen commanding them, he had changed to Noir De Plume. I like to think of this as the day of awakening ;)

  2. I had no idea... was that story on the box or did I forget it from the books?

  3. It's the official canon :) Ash confirmed recently when people new to 3A were asking about Nom.

    De Plume is the same man in different guises, starting with Nom, Then Noir, then Blanc at a different battle, etc :)

    Check the art on the multipack boxes for Bertie 7 pack and Dirty Deeds 12 pack (i have them here) both show Nom De Plume discovering the Dirty Deeds, reprogrammed by earth forces to kill their maker, Rothchild, the arms maker who supplies both sides of the war :)

  4. damn Ash and all his official/non-official (not printed on something) stories that are hard to keep track of...

    I knew that de plume is one man, but I wasn't sure of the order. I'm guessing then that Nom was first, then Noir with Gebi, Blanc, Jung and Kuan all happening sometime after that. or that could be bullshit if he reverts to regular Nom in between major offensives...

    if only the movie would come out to clear it all up, ha.
    ...or at least World War Robot 3.



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