Monday, July 19, 2010

five gees.


you have five thousand dollars to spend. [obviously this is bullshit, but play along] would you invest in a handcrafted, one of ten, 1:3 scale resin accident victim from coarse? possibly. the piece is a nice step forward for mark and sven. everyone loves more blood and bandages right? the prone "pain in dreams" is just one of an emergency room full of maladies from the glimpse of truth show that's currently showing at rotofugi. the guys must have been working nonstop because there is a shit ton of new stuff.

should've never challenged nolte to a screwdriver fight.

this life support diet makes these abs look tiiiiight.

or there's option #2. [yes, the piece above really costs 5000 american dollars]
ricardo de montreuil took $5000 and created an amazing little dystopian short film. he shot for exactly one weekend to create the raven, and now he's in talks with universal to make it a feature.

so what's it gonna be? a kick-ass piece for your shelf? or commission mr. de montreuil to create a sweet five minute movie with you as the ass-kicking star? [pretty sure he'd never do this]

this isn't really a legit question because there are billions of other things you could spend the money on, most of which are less ridiculous than these. but you see my point. hell, if you're gonna get a toy with your money, at least get something huge like a 4ft dissected or an entire platoon of 1:1 squares.

addendum: let's leave the question as a discussion of two wildly disparate endeavors. it was hasty to write off a piece like the one above without thinking about how much intimate work goes into something that complex. when something has that level of finish, it's easy to forget the hands that brought it to be.

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