Monday, May 10, 2010

giants of vinyl. 2.

giants second class is ready for graduation. once again we pay tribute to the artists that love to get fiberglass threads buried in the fingers and fill their heads with toxic plastic fumes. we've gone even bigger this time around, reaching ridiculous heights and girths. and both in some cases... #bramble# #cough#

the starting team [left to right]
elizabeth by kathie olivas : qee by toy2r : smokestack by mars-1
jaws by coarsetoys : manute bol as himself : daft punk bearbricks
dissected by kaws : bramble by ashley wood : van orlax and snorse by pete fowler
mc supersized by ron english : helper by tim biskup
zliks by andrew bell : grin by ron english

click it. it gets bigger.

this is the stage of addiction where sadness reigns supreme. sadness because we don't have thousands of extra dollars to blow on sweet shit like giant robots. but there's light at the end of the tunnel... most of these killer behemoths come in shelf size. let's explore.

inkslinger by kathie olivas and brandt peters
pic from vinylpulse
it was a tossup between inky and pinky as to who would appear in the giant lineup. pinky got the nod, so inky gets the breakout love. both were recently for sale at the incredible shared show. which means some lucky child gets to cry themselves to sleep every night while staring at those big noggins. for shelf size, you can always substitute the beautiful hazel...

formerly blank qee by jonpaulkaiser
pic from jon
since there may only be one giant blank qee, i got to choose a killer custom to showcase. this snarling dog with creepy man hands works perfectly. he can let himself outside and still piss on your tires.

smokestack by mars-1
pic from smokebelch
and we've got our first true miniaturized version. this tiny by comparison poison factory hails from the invisible plan series. creepy old man face is pretty much standard. the big daddy is from the nuclear mystic show at the jonathan levine gallery last year.

jaws by coarsetoys
pic from tetedelard
ah, the desolate noop. so emo. so shirtless. the giant fiberglass version was the crown jewel of the noop show at rotofugi, which rocked. basically coarse teased all of their coolest shit almost two years ago, and now they're slowly producing a chosen few. the big guy was a one off, but you can own one of the eleventy different flavors of regular sized jaws, which are not tiny by any means. you can not however own the completely awesome "it hurts" version... yet.

manute bol
pic from hsupreme
made the list because he looks completely impossible.
plus you can't beat a bol/muggsy combo pic.

daft punk bearbricks by toy2r
pic from eric..
the big ones rule because of the helmets. but the little ones have those adorable bear ears... either way da funk will rock your face off. so shiny! i'm admittedly not a big bearbrick guy, but i'd sell a toe for the 1000% duo. (with nail polish)

dissected by kaws
pic from kush images
the alpha and the omega. everyone loves dissected, especially awash in 90s dayglo. the midgets routinely fetch a g in the aftermarket. the big one is a steal at about 4-5 times that. both more than most can pay for some divinely sculpted guts. this goes on the lottery list.

bramble by ashley wood
pic from twobags
oh bramble. how i love thee. the key to my lock. the icing to my cake. the heroin to my addict. you can't begin to understand the level of cool until you hold one in your hand. or in the case of the 1:1; hold its hand. i'm lucky enough to own one of the big little guys, and maybe someday i'll get close enough to just sniff the giant, but probably not. he will continue to tease me from across the interwebs. and i'm ok with that.

van orlax by pete fowler
pic from s2ok
just a horny little bastard with opposable toes. there are no little van orlaxi running around. which is a shame because he looks like he'd be a responsible father. on second thought, he does look a little high... and his hands are buried in the eye sockets of a skull... and that might be leprosy on his face... but other than that... totally responsible.

snorse by pete fowler
pic from expectmohr
the nosy steed takes flight! snorse just flat out rules. this little dude showed up in the blind box monsterism series 3, along with a ton of other classics... fun fact: for the longest time i thought his nostrils were eyes.

mc supersized by ron english
pic from vtss vince
as american as crocs and elastic waist pants, mc supersized smiles lovingly at your exponentially expanding waistline. the sick little bastard knows what makes you drool. give him what he wants.

helper by tim biskup
ah, the classic helper: like a cross between bender and a rancid hotdog. just as happy to help you off a cliff as across the street. the super giant version towers over your insecurities and still manages to tickle your soul. he looks so intense, but maybe he's just really in need of eye drops.

zliks by andrew bell
pic from joe marinaro
attention all zlik owners! the government has ordered that all zliks be released back into the gulf of mexico to eat their way through some sort of oil spill. probably no big deal, they should be back by dinner.

grin by ron english
pic from **shifty**
charlie may look cute, but he's got a devil inside just like everyone else. his just happens to be working its way out. keep stretching that skin skully, you'll be strangling lucy before you know it.

so there you go. the second round of giants already released to do their worst on the wallets of you and i. there's just too much talent floating around, which is good. the wanting is what makes it fun. so it's back to the lottery tickets. someday...

here's the original giants post for more big love.

class pic again by me, the mastodon. created with images stolen from these fine chaps. qee. smokestack. jaws. manute. daft punk. bramble. van orlax. snorse. mc supersized. helper. zlik.

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