Tuesday, July 13, 2010

pray to the porcelain god.

it's a bird... it's a plane...

it's fucking badass is what it is.

leaked and congealed from the mind of mr. brent nolasco, "a fond farewell" is a total mindfuck of a creature. with at least eight different vinyl abominations melded together, along with other found objects, this thing has the presence of an alien god from the fourth dimension. it also marks the conclusion of his fusion sculpts. all 3d adventures that brent takes from here on will evolve from his own artwork. which is fine by me, because his art is even more mental and awesome. i can't wait to see what escapes from his studio next.

you can glimpse the perfection yourself at sdcc.
this guy will be roaming the dragatomi booth.

cardboard spaceship will also have some custom brent resins for sale.

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