Tuesday, October 6, 2009

artist spotlight: [ we kill you ]

we kill you! resin vending machine! clothier of the stars!
torontonian justin started we kill you in 2003 and last year exploded onto the resin scene. many figures later he's built a solid following on his trademark sharp-toothed grin. you will be roped in by his sick sculpts and nonstop production. so watch out. everyone gets bit.
it's just how it goes.

king of the forest painted by addecentric
shot by zincsaucier
looks like delicious garlicky spinach.
killer dinner!

in his naked original milky moldy goodness.

justin [i'm assuming]
sadly he was born this way...
...and you thought his monster face was so creative...

the studio
this is a playground i can get down in.

william palerne
drives a kfc truck for fun... and chicken.

the giant monstre de marais
gorgeously bloody. love the slippers...

which are actually a customization for this guy
those are IIIs feet. he makes the walruses.
also, feet with faces look like zoidberg.

hello brute jeffrey x we kill you
kinda like teeth, kinda like a beard.
both of which i have, and are awesome.

this is just the tiniest sampling of the killing community. you must go here to really meet the neighbors. drop him a line. let him know how sweet his work is. collaborate. ask him how the hell he does so much. dive in. it's a deep refreshing swim. check out the latest goon.
he looks like an udder in a polo.


  1. see. i kept getting "cosby sweater." apparently i have a lot to learn.

  2. cosby would never rock the white jeans...



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