Thursday, October 22, 2009

bunny fire burning on the forest floor.

thunk. thunk.
the sound of the axe sinking deeply into the fibrous wood echoes through the forest air. sharp clean curls of spiraling woodgrain decorate the leafy ground. the woodland creatures are cleansing themselves of their weaker limbs.
thunk. thunk.

amanda visell is the storyteller of the vinyl world. filling our shelves with fairy tales and soft spoken heroes: the sweet-faced animals with slightly darker secrets. below, her most recent pair. the wood donkey dunny and the wood labbit, both released by kidrobot.

brilliant pics by p!ng
i'm a lumberjack and i'm ok.

don't let that hidden face on the butt fool you.
terrible things happen in there.

because amanda couldn't leave awesome enough alone, she decided to do 10 customs of the wood labbit. the first two of which are below. they are being released two at a time at dailydujour. they will set you back $600.

even the smiling axe gets a toasty glow. flame on.

charred lumberjack is all the rage this season.

a venti iced labbit has only 7 calories!

and in the back... a frozen yogurt dispenser...

as usual, her style and precision are so tight they looks screen printed by a robot. keep your trigger fingers ready because i'm sure the next ones out the gate will go fast.

maybe if we ask really nicely, she'll share a photo of all of the customs together as one big happy orphanage.

stay up to date at her twitter. or blog.
or dive into the public pool at flickr.

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