Monday, October 19, 2009

terraforming munnyworld.

[ file this under: things i wish were mine ]

how big do you have to get before aliens start crop circling your face?
18" apparently. a sneak peek at tristan eaton's megamunny for this year's munnyworld, from vpeast.

the takeover has begun.

i want to move to a country that can move.

wow. just wow.
which one is the button to access the hidden city inside?

stowaway or the brains behind it all?

tristan eaton: former resident of the D and designer of the dunny.
completely killed it on this monstrosity. the graphic / landscape combo worked to perfection. i'd love to see a cross-section of what the
inside of the head would look like. underground water tables and a molten core?

munnyworld opens november 13th in nyc.


  1. you're going to have to explain to me some of the finer points of the vinyl toy world at your wedding. i feel a little lost about some things. additionally, this dude is badass.

  2. i'd be happy to.

    and yes, he's the badness.



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