Sunday, October 11, 2009

artist spotlight: [ monstrehero ]

in the event of a full-scale zombie attack, at least we'll know cliff and sean of monstrehero will be safe. they'll sit each brain-muncher down, paint em sparkly colors, maybe pose them for some snapshots... give them a purpose. that's all they really want. something to be proud of and a little color. our zombie befrienders: monstrehero will save us all. but first they're gonna make a shitload of sweet resin toys with guts.
weeping windex for humanity.

life in beautiful technicolor.

that pop rocks/soda combo is no joke.

the invisible man and his visible brother steve.
both have stomach problems.

and the legendary jell-o shot was never seen again.

flame on skippy mcclear shorts.

previously blogged for toy karma
godzilla loves birthday parties. they're delicious.

sweet pic by pata
zombie attack victim feels so alone.

sweet pic by connell
kaiju fans and their flaming piles of money.

sweet pic by pata
the heroic couple watches the mushroom cloud bloom.

sweet pics by connell
just a stupified man and his slimer.

another sweet pic by connell
rick didn't believe the tie-dye button was real.
he was wrong.

sweet pic by pata
catlike reflexes mean nothing in the void of purgatory.

so let the monsters come. the monstreheros have it all under control. they own the gutsy victims. and more importantly, the rainbow. the outbreak can't handle colors of this magnitude. so feel safe. feel safer by picking up some sacrificial victims for yourself... here. or go look at their pretty pictures on flickr. either way, you can't lose. they're building a resin army for the apocalypse. good to know someone is looking out for us all.

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