Thursday, October 15, 2009

artist spotlight: [ dust ]

the first one with a soundtrack... scroll to the bottom of the post.
hit play on the youtubes and then come back up here for maximum experience.

dust accumulates; gets stuck in the cracks; adds depth, and represents decay. dust lives in all the crunchy places you can't reach, including your head. this dust is from deutschland. sifting through
the air, adhering to your fears and dancing in the light.

a brilliantly subtle artist who excels at gritty textures with a surprising amount of life. a post-apocalyptic breeding ground for
the strength of survival. there's a lot of emotion simmering in his simple forms, just dying to reach out and grab you with crumbling concrete fists.

one deep breath, and down you go.

the bullets scar but will never reach my core.

the colorful [by dust standards] ras lineup
strong arms on the scene.
i want to see what's in that back hatch.

der eisbar. lecker.

silent sentries of oceania.

custom munny and alteregos
the post wall-e generation emerges.

some things can't be unsaid. some stains can't be unbled.

kriechers... coming soon.
the bowling balls have gone sentient.

one more wave of confusion.

schergen nr.1
they eat your dreams, but never your nightmares.

drunk on the desperation.

always evolving, always destroying.

dust also has patience.
lots of it.

the strafing never stops.

the man feels it. that much is clear. i can't help but be sucked into his twisted dripping world.
it's a cozy place if you let it take you.
follow him here. here. and here.

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  1. post-modern. post-apocalyptic. post-wall-e. i love it.



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