Thursday, October 8, 2009

artist spotlight: [ hello, brute ]

jon knox makes guys. the guys you see on the street. the guys in your math class. quiet guys. the quiet guys are hello, brute. just regular, quiet guys with dog noses. mr. knox is the creator. he designs, sculpts, molds, casts and paints each guy by hand. he's brought an entire little world to life in portland. a low-key neighborhood with big trees, cool sneakers and a bitchin deli.

sweet pic by s2ok
"words like violence, break the silence"

jon must eat a lot of tropical skittles.

sweet pic by rakka.
you guys want to go to a post-punk-proto-grindcore show?

customized by makkinoso.
all your base are belong to 3D.

sweet pic by schmancy toys.
nah, i'm more into nerdcore and beardcore.

sweet pic by bflv
i found waldo. he was a dick.

the resin wave keeps growing and hello, brute is riding on top of it. but jon's got more plates in the air than that. visit his shop and check out the wares. relax, maybe have a beer. you'll see why everything he does is snatched up so quickly.
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  1. where do i meet a guy like these? i think i need one for my desk.

  2. they're everywhere. :)
    you just have to look.

  3. the shots against the blue wall make me want them.



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