Tuesday, October 27, 2009

battle of the bonnie blue brits.

this is an evolution. a small epic. the story of a boy. a boy who deep down wasn't a boy at all. only 1s and 0s whizzed through his head.
an unthreatening facade, just a little rough around the edges, kept him safe. this boy who would be boss traveled. snow capped mountain majesties became his companions. he spoke to the animals,
but none spoke back. he was content as a solitary traveler.
a collector of information. a sentry unaware of the mission he was so perfectly executing.

must take a big needle to tattoo steel.

he didn't mean to squeeze jerry so hard. honest.
at least he doesn't talk as much now.

chugging away, forever with an appropriate halo of smoke.

then the day that everything changed. the boy heard a whirring inside that he had not heard before. he felt funny inside, started seeing changes to his body. tubes where there were no tubes. gears replicating gears. thicker smoke than ever before. and oil everywhere for all his new additions. a strong urge to destroy washed over him. using a couple of sturdy hedgehogs and some sulphuric acid, he shed his tattoos for something a little more streamlined. he was now the machine he always knew he might be. an armored bulldog of survival. there would not be much in the quickly approaching war that would catch him off guard...

stepped in moss. one eye rusted shut. and leaking oil.
it was a good party.

this thing come with a transmorgrifier?
sweet. let's turn hobbes into a rhino.

during the zombie wave of 1940, home cremation bots
became all the rage. large and ungainly,
but available in patterns to match your decor!

three more killer bots to add to the 3A customizing fun. the first bambaboss above was done by custard4gravy. a beautiful rusty landscape of skull-pecking birds. check out all of his fantastic work
on the flickrs and twitters.

the second and thirds were done by the always amazing cris rose.
you know where to find him. at one point, ash made a comment about bambaboss being the field general for all the squares. so the matching duo here fit together nicely.

i loved that the guys used the exact same palette for their brilliant bosses, so i gave them a connecting story. hope you two don't mind.

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