Friday, November 20, 2009

grinding gears.

cris rose is unstoppable. from his aquatic lair, he continues to one-up himself with more advanced and fantastical creatures. his style and technique continue to expand and refine, and it's brilliant to watch.
i can't keep up.

that little mouth will bore right through you...
like a piranha through pâté.


chocolatey smooth with a creamy brain center.
so what if he's a little slow.

[deep forest] wwrp bramble [monty the lumberjack]
i'd be a lumberjack if a gatling gun was standard. damn.

paul bunyan couldn't hold a candle to monty.
although they do both love flapjacks.

if these don't get you excited, then you have no eyes. be sure to click all of their names for their wonderfully elaborate stories. i'm itching to see what cris does with the pallet of full-size armstrongs he's got burning a hole on his workbench. stay tuned.

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