Sunday, November 15, 2009

deadly children.

when i was about 5 my dad started traveling to germany for work. almost every trip he would bring my sister and i some sort of playmobil set, which we loved. they were simple without being childish and they always had sweet accessories and vehicles. being an awesome 5-year old, i called them germany toys. now that i'm 5.5 times older, i might have to start calling them singaporean toys. all because of one man.

daniel yu has destroyed my playmobil world. he's created the most badass playmobilers on the planet. allow me to present the de plumes. nom, noir, and blanc. straight out of ashley wood's wwr, these guys are no joke. just a little epoxy sculpt is all it took to go from plastic civilian to killing machine. this is what my 5-year old self would've traded ALL my g.i.joes for, and that's a impressive.
trois de plume. too cool for two sleeves.

the eye of the liger. deadly.

you see the mask, you're already dead.
and other de plumes are no exception.

the triple coffin should've been the undertaker's finishing move.

dirty deeds done not cheap.

even in 6 pieces, they could still kill you before walked in the room.

killer shot by that old serpent
this film was found next to the bodies of 47 ninjas.

three inches of playmobil customizawesome. incredible sculpting ability and a killer sense of what's cool. thank you daniel yu. you fucking rock. these aren't the only incredible little guys that he's made. you can see all his others on his blog and flickr.

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  1. amazing.
    i bet you WOULD trade all your "guys" for these.
    germany toys. hee hee.



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