Tuesday, November 10, 2009

mind explosion.


on sunday, blamo toys had their first custom show at million fishes gallery in san fran. billy was the dissectee. cut up, burned and painted in over 25 attempts to bring him to life. the collective of talent was top notch and the results speak for themselves. if you live in the wonderful city you have one more chance to see the show: friday the 13th. but bring cash as protection, they might actually spring to life and strip your bones trying to escape.
seven billys and two humans, all in the hold-in-a-fart pose.

giant hands too clumsy to remove helmet.
work ok on feet though.

wind him up and watch the ass-kicking extravaganza.

sears keeps about a 1000 pajama rabbits on hand
to harvest for the holiday season.

this is what college party looks like in the movies.
much more fun and colorful than real life.

bear claw shoes are hardcore.
she might want to work on shaving her legs though...

distended stomach, dilated eyes.
classic case of demonitis.

the forebear of the iron maiden was the splintery rabbit.
true story.

evil trumps polka dots. always.

all of these fantastic shots are courtesy of drilone. he's got a full set of all the madness on flickr. which you have to go check out because i can't cover them all.

the show goes on the road [ just like a real circus ] to designer con in pasadena on the 21st. all remaining billys will be sold on blamo toys. but if you have your eye on one, i would send them an email now so he doesn't escape.

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