Thursday, January 21, 2010


am i drunk or is that possessed bunny rocking a giant snail shell?
...on a mushroom. that's what i thought. i am drunk.

created by storybook-named martin wittfooth, aesop's folly is soon to be released by newbies big spoon toys, in two colorways for a grand total of 500 creepy bunnies. there are also 3 handpainted versions still available from the 'a cry for help' show at thinkspace. the show also has a huge pile of other bitchin work available from artists you know and love.

i must say, it's nice to see some texture and originality leaking back into vinyl. there's been too much of a push into uber-simplistic diy platforms recently. i want to see some existing artists' work be brought to 3d, and martin's fits the bill nicely.

fur and slime wouldn't seem to mix well.
evil fur and evil slime however mix perfectly.

to give you a better grasp of the wittfooth world, i've very generously stolen some of his work from his site to show you. dig in.

saints preserve us
my ass. my ass. my ass is on fiyah.

export tragedy
when i run out of poop, i'm throwing this bomb.
fair warning.

as we waited
porkchop sandwiches!

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