Tuesday, December 29, 2009

i am the wyger.

i'm a tiger man. who isn't really? but i'm also a polar bear man. and you know what animal almost sort of has a similar habitat to a polar bear? yep, a walrus. so you make a tasty sandwich out of a walrus and a tiger and you get this.

hot on the heels of their smash hit dragon boy, the wyger [in my opnion] rocks so much harder. if dragon boy weren't in three pieces maybe i'd feel differently. this toothy, whiskery mug is just so much tougher.

the sabertooth connection is eons old.
and therefore eons of awesome.

you can make it a three-way combo
if you count his elephantitis.

tigerbaby for comparison.

500 of these puppies will be floating around out there. and you can preorder one now. or you can do like me and wait to see the other colorways before committing. there are at least 3 planned at the moment. blue, white and orange. [dragon boy had 5] i'm liking the way the loyal subjects are pumping out great stuff. keep it up guys.

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