Monday, December 7, 2009

11001101001110101001 unite.

i can't fucking wait until we evolve into these ...gonna be sweet.

sadly none actually "exist" at the moment. they are simply awesome 3d renders by the extremely talented zamak. he did mention he's looking into bringing one or two to life, perhaps in resin.
consider me in line.

do NOT arm wrestle marco. seriously.

able to leap small planets in a single bound.

agility comes easily when your feet have legs.

these penguins can probably fly too.
after they kill you with kindness.
don't ask. it can be done.

...don't say golf balls...don't say golf balls...
shit, he heard me.

that's why my abs don't look like that. they aren't vented!

do you still need mitten strings in spacesuits?

you don't need camo when nothing can touch you.
bring it.

somebody give this man a contract and start pumping out these puppies. he's one saturday morning cartoon away from greatness. there's a lot of anatomical exploration going on here and i'm really, really digging it. for anyone else digging it, check out this interview from matthewnewton.

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