Friday, December 18, 2009

grizzled warrior bones.

what's half a general? a major general? or a colonel? although general zoo is really more like 3/4. so maybe that makes him a lieutenant general? all those stars are confusing.

what's not confusing is how awesome this guy is. bloody skeleton with overgrown hippie hair and pseudo-armor? bad. ass. i wish he wasn't so limited in number, because i'm pretty sure i need one. he was just released today, so you still have a chance. head towards the light.

a war santa from the dark side.
he only delivers pain.

pretty sure that's called scoliosis.
didn't you get checked in gym? dumbass.

is that a ribcage or a holding cell? damn.

oh wait. did i not mention that his bones
are held together with magnets? what a dick.

does he come with a working flamethrower too?
how much cooler can he get?

early proto shot from toysrevil
looks like at one point he had a helmet.
and the other half of his face.
guess he wasn't wearing his helmet.

there will be 27 happy dudes on christmas morning.

so here's the whole rundown.
general zoo [injury special edition of 27]
from the fools paradise line by [=27:fool's]
designed by double line
produced and manufactured by G999
the 9" madman can be purchased for $180 [shipping included]
by emailing the evil geniuses at
or by emailing alan ng [double line] at

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