Friday, May 7, 2010

dark days and brilliant nights.

dump the pitchers of beer. put down your jager bombs. pour out the 40 for a fallen homie...

ashley wood - "NW/DW are the fine wine of 3A..."

let's class this joint up. put a little nightwatch and daywatch on the table. the oft misunderstood warriors aren't just generic bots...

ashley wood - "NW and DW do exude a classy more elitist feel, and that's what they are supposed to do, presidential guard, parades, etc, they don't see action on dirty battlegrounds."

photo from ail.
the clouds began to part, but 86 new there would still be rain...

shot by cris rose.
separated from his detachment, his deep six programming
ensured this snow would soon blossom with red.

from the killer collection of tigerfeet.
private school bots always know how to party.

i must say, their effect does multiply quite substantially once they have serious numbers. tigerfeet's collection completely stopped me in my tracks. for any of you on the fence about the glossy sheen of the nw/dw crew, give it a minute, like all of 3A these guys will have you by the throat before you know what hit you.

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