Thursday, July 2, 2009

artist spotlight: [ cris rose ]

cris rose is an artist. 
he creates worlds. gives them purpose. and lets them live. 
this is not a pristine imaginary terrarium. this is gritty and real.

there is nothing sugar-coated about a rampaging guardian ripping apart logging machines with his bare stone hands. "protect all wildlife" used to be a coarsetoys paw. no more.
do not get in his way. there is no off switch.
rusted retribution.

thomas han's pusher is now cris rose's "deconstructor
looks like an assassin, but his directive is good.
stripping parts from defunct robotics is a cakewalk for this little buzzsaw.
just don't call him a butterfly.

seal clubbers beware. "avalanche" has clubs of his own.
this was a ledbetter smash... really. kicks the shit out of the ham fisted monkey.
he may have gone rogue, but his heart is true.
protect all wildlife AND avalanche? is there a noble underground organization deploying these badboys?

a brilliant little slice of time. "the wandering memorial
a neth creature no more. this is the future.
i want to wander the rainy green bits of england when i die.
encased in a majestic caretaker. 
wave hello. say goodbye.

this is only a small sample of the brilliant works of the very busy man. each one has the look of years ground into it, and yet he continues to pump them out. one greater than the next. i love his rusted dented behemoths. and the fact that he gives each one a story only adds to the worn patina. 

i will own a cris rose piece someday. i will.

all of the fantastic shots are courtesy of cris' flickr
if you've got a hot hand, you might be able to grab one of his pieces here

click on the individual piece names to read cris' story for each.

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  1. umm, wow. a neth creature that doesn't look like a springtime coffee cup. nice post.



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