Monday, July 13, 2009

artist spotlight: [ chris ryniak ]

chris ryniak will destroy you. or at least your mind.
this man has built quite a name for himself with his 
nightmare fuel paintings.
but here i want to focus on only his custom vinyl. 
which will also destroy you.

nothing is safe when he gets his hands on it. 
piercing glares, corroded teeth, orifices, bone stubs and scars... 
all add up to something quite beautifully disturbing. 

hi-fructose did a fantastic interview 
with chris about his sculpture process.
make sure you read it as well. 
you know, since they actually spoke to him.

this was a gosho until someone fed it after midnight.
how can you go wrong with tiny tusks and a skin mask?
get me a spoon. that stew looks killer.

this slice of skin is actually a plush
and is not actually stuffed with children's nail clippings. 
i hope.

a yoka from the other side.
those nubby clubs look naked without a thick sheen of fresh viscera...

stony bone growth and a butthole? you win mr. ryniak.

a tastier pic of the yoka's disease and rhino skin.

smile. you now won't sleep for a week.

chris doesn't do too many customs, but makes up for it by absolutely killing it every time. if you happen to be lucky enough to own one of his pieces. consider yourself awesome. 

the stance of a champion.

lucky for all of us, chris has begun to explore the world of multiple figures. he's already released muscamoot, which I showed earlier and right above. if you don't have one of these little choads, don't fret. there are more colorways coming. the next drops at sdcc.

and now he's got a collaboration piece 
in the works with jonathan bergeron...
at the gardens of misfortune show this month.

the turd has tentacles!

it's getting good. 
good thing you know.

all the sticky pics of chris' customs courtesy of his flickr.
his paintings are here.
his thoughts are here.
visit them. 


  1. This is what happens when you sell your soul to the resin spirits.

    I hope you're all happy. Chris has given of himself to fill your shelves with his hardened goodness.


  2. it could be made out of poop, and it'd still be awesome.

    although chris has mentioned doing just that in other interviews....
    I don't want to encourage him. let's stick to resin and vinyl.



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