Friday, May 6, 2011

totally not deadly.

oh bwana... you crazy trippy bastard genius. who else would create a beautiful
art show, entirely sloth-centric? just you sir, just you. and i applaud you for it.
bring on the sloths.

someone needs to put a real sloth in a powerwheels, stat.
i have dollars, youtube... make it happen.

almost... there... by amy ruppel
i wish i looked this good in my school pictures.

dispersed hope by masako miki
head down, ass up. that's the way we like to... chase confetti.

at 3 est today, the rest of those little pink bastards go on sale. here, i think. he's called sloth n moth, and he likes soda. i think i want a little slothy mossy-ass dude for myself. or if you happen to live in portland, stop by grass hut and check out the rest of the show magic.

images stolen from bwana and friends ain't family.

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